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Meet Tamara


Whatever walk of life God plans for Tamara Harris, she says she always craves more, expects more from herself, and sets goals for herself to accomplish her dreams—big or small.


In January 2014, Tamara embarked on one of her biggest dreams: opening Mystic Pores, a Heights skin boutique that specializes in full-body waxing and beauty services for all.


Building relationships from the heart

Being in this industry, Tamara said you meet all kinds of great people in all walks of life. She has seen many of her customers through life’s greatest journeys, including marriage, children, heartache, blessings, and countless other spontaneities. Building on these customer relationships and being a positive impact for customers is what Tamara says she’s most passionate about.


“My customers would pour into me, and it made me start to believe in myself,” she said. “That’s where my passion and confidence stems from: walking through life with my customers. Through all phases of life, good and bad, I get to see it all. I feel like I’ve worn a lot of hats, or different types of ears to listen. Being able to have listening ears for my customers (and allowing them to listen to me at times) is something so special. I treat everyone the same, but all of my relationships with my customers are different. It’s a very intimate environment. A lot of unveiling—literally.”


Mystic Pores for all

Plucked and More specializes in full-body waxing and beauty services for men, women, and all. Tamara says she specializes in all types of hair, different ethnicities, different shades of hair, and listening and putting together a plan of action for someone who’s had a poor experience or bad wax.


“I listen to my customers, and have them tell me and show me what they want,” she said. “I listen to the bad experiences they’ve had before so they won’t happen again.”


Tamara is a proud mother. Setting and leading by example for her family is a priority and a daily motivation.

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